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  • Wednesday ,  March 17,2020
Improvement of respiratory distress in people infected with new type coronavirus by inhalation of mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen

ASCLEPIUS MEDITEC, a manufacturer of Suifeel, supplies high-concentration hydrogen generators to many disaster-stricken areas, including Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, and the demand is increasing greatly every day.

The efficacy of hydrogen therapy varies from individual to individual and does not seem to have an effect on all medical conditions, but it is said to be useful for improving a wide variety of symptoms, and the effect is gradually recognized by the world It has come.

Among them, experimental results that have a significant effect on suppressing lung cancer have been reported, and it is said that this may be useful for improving the respiratory distress etc. of people infected with the new coronavirus that is rampant around the world, It has begun to receive great attention.

Data show that in China, 60% of seriously ill patients infected with the new coronavirus die.
Thousands of hydrogen generators were provided in cooperation with the China National Health and Health Commission, Guangzhou Medical University, ASCLEPIUS MEDITEC, Foxconn, etc., mainly in facilities in the area where such critically ill patients are located.

As a result, there have been reports that the use of a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen by this hydrogen generator has greatly improved respiratory distress in patients who became serious due to the new coronavirus. The results were also announced at the City of New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention Presentation, and the high-concentration hydrogen generator came to the spotlight and has been widely praised.

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