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  • Friday ,  April 2,2020
Global respirator shortage

According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the U.S., as of 6:05 a.m. on Beijing time, more than 850,000 new cases of crown pneumonia have been identified worldwide, and the new coronavirus has significantly affected patients' lungs. Very aggressive.
Causes the patient to do varying degrees of damage to the respiratory system.
Ventilator can help patients with air movement in and out of the lungs and avoid damage to the respiratory system and critical organs.
In severe cases, respiratory function determines a patient's life or death.
As the global epidemic continues to ferment, it has fallen into a "ventilator shortage."

This high-concentration hydrogen generator is an innovative class Ⅲ medical respirator in China-high-concentration hydrogen (oxygen) generator, capable of delivering 1 liter of oxygen and 2 liters of hydrogen per minute to patients.
Patients can use the two devices side-by-side via an equipped three-pronged pipeline, or connect in parallel with pipeline oxygen and non-invasive machines in the hospital to increase oxygen absorption and increase blood oxygen You can also accelerate your recovery.

Led by scholar Zhongnanshan, a leader in the high-level expert group of the Chinese Health and Medical Commission, this medical science research project is the world's most hydrogen and oxygen clinical trial project, with 46 We have published an SCl paper. Following the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, ASCLEPIUS MEDITEC, under the guidance of scholar Nakananyama, has started a clinical project to combat new coronavirus pneumonia by inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.
Preliminary observations showed that many patients showed significant improvement in symptoms after half-, two-, and three-day use, and some patients could be discharged 10 days after use.

Clinical symptoms indicate that half of the new coronavirus pneumonia patients have dyspnea one week later.
Inhaling low-density gas improves airway resistance, increases oxygen diffusion and oxygen flow, and improves symptoms of dyspnea (acute respiratory distress).
At the same time, hydrogen has an anti-inflammatory effect, effectively preventing airway remodeling and pulmonary fibrosis, reducing goblet cell proliferation, improving lung function,
counteracting the side effects of high-dose hormone use, and virus entry Get rid of the massive lung damage caused by. Free radicals and other effects.

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